About Us

I-CLIP offer innovative lifestyle products, designed with style and functionality to improve your day to day life. Based in the wine region of Bad Dürkheim, Germany, Founder Frank Mayer and the team are continuously developing the I-CLIP slim wallet to become the standard for wallets around the world. Driven by curiosity and creativity, I-CLIP has become a leader in its class on the European market. Now on four continents, people around the world are taking notice of the I-CLIP and the way in which it improves carrying comfort and accessibility.

I-CLIP Australia strives to bring this innovative lifestyle product to the Australian market, so forget about your traditionally bulky wallet, let go of coins, and trade in for something slimmer, lighter, and fresher.


Lightweight & Compact

The I-CLIP slim wallet is both lightweight (16g) and compact (9cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm).


Card holder, pocket organiser, slim wallet. I-CLIP can hold up to 10 cards, as well as your notes and receipts. Keep the coins in your money jar.

High-Tech Materials

The frame and the clip are made out of a high tech material called Robutense™ Resin, which allows the I-CLIP slim wallet to be strong, lightweight and scratch resistant.

Genuine High Quality Leather

Premium soft leather gives the I-CLIP slim wallet a luxury feel, finished in a growing range of colours to suit any taste. 

Made in Germany

I-CLIP slim wallets are 100% Made in Germany. The entire manufacturing process takes place in Bad Dürkheim, on the German wine route, at the crossroads of Europe.

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